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Audio: Psychiatrists Go Psycho Over Covid Vaccines

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The Grind:
California psychiatrist Dr. Stephen V. Sobel M.D. was captured on audio harassing and condemning his patient for not being vaccinated, all while admitting that he still got coronavirus despite being vaccinated, according to audio obtained by radio host Stew Peters.

The Details:
According to audio obtained by Peters, Dr. Stephen V. Sobel, a California-based psychiatrist, bullied and condemned one of his patients for not receiving one of the controversial COVID-19 vaccines.

“It’s your personal choice to pay taxes. It’s also a personal choice to stop at red lights. It’s also a personal choice to wear a bike helmet. Lots of personal choices you could do,” said Sobel. “So I will continue to work with you, but you need to understand that I have zero respect for anybody – including you – who chooses not to be vaccinated, because I have, also, patients desperately want to be vaccinated but can’t because they have illnesses and can’t go out of the house because of it. Because of people like you choosing to be selfish.” Read more…

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