Biden Revives the SPLC to Purge Military of ‘White Extremism’

Ground to Perfection...

The Grind:
For the Biden administration and its allies on the radical left, the driving ideological force behind its rise to power has been the narrative that America and its institutions are infested with race-based extremism.

It seems our only hope as a nation is to slap the “hateful extremist” scarlet letter on anyone with the wrong ideas, defenestrate them from society, and then teach the rest of us how to think the right way.

Many people and groups are eager to be the teachers, as it comes with lucrative financial and social status rewards. A prominent example is Robin DiAngelo, author of the best-selling book “White Fragility,” who has amassed a small fortune by lecturing corporations on how they can come to terms with their own racist inclinations.

The Details:
With a crowded pool of “experts” to choose from, it was all the more sickening to learn that Biden’s Pentagon has enlisted the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and other far-left groups to participate in their “Countering Extremism Working Group.” If the goal is truly to stamp out extremism, calling on the SPLC is like asking an arsonist to lecture firefighters on how to put out burning buildings.

Conservative groups targeted on the SPLC’s “hate map” find that character assassination is just the beginning. The SPLC’s ultimate goal is to destroy the groups on its map by bankrupting them through online de-platforming and encouraging banks, insurance companies and other vendors to treat them as pariahs. Read more…

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