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  • Trump Means Business

    Trump Means Business

    Grind for July 27th, 2018 FIRST SIP: “Let’s stop ‘tolerating’ or ‘accepting’ difference, as if we’re so much better for not being different. Instead, let’s celebrate difference, because in this world it takes a lot of guts to be different and to ...
  • Unrest In Iran and Nicaragua

    Unrest In Iran and Nicaragua

    Grind for July 22nd, 2018 FIRST SIP: “Another secret of the universe: Sometimes pain was like a storm that came out of nowhere. The clearest summer could end in a downpour.” – Benjamin Alire Saenz Trending The Headline Iran claims to have stockpiled 950 tons of uranium The ...
  • Friend Or Foe

    Friend Or Foe

        Grind for July 20th, 2018 FIRST SIP: “Fate is not an eagle, it creeps like a rat.” – Elizabeth Bowen Flip-Flop The Headline Trump now believes Russia meddled in 2016 election The Grind President Trump on Tuesday said he accepted the US intelligence ...