China Isn’t Bluffing: Beach Landing Near Taiwan

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The Grind:
China’s military announced Monday that it carried out beach landing and assault drills just across from Taiwan at a moment the rhetoric coming out of Beijing, Taipei and Taiwan’s powerful backer Washington is growing increasingly bellicose.

The Details:
The assault drills were held “in recent days” according to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) statement, located in the southern part of Fujian province, which is directly across the sea from the self-ruled island.

Importantly the official PLA statement didn’t specifically name Taiwan as a factor in the mission preparation and drills; however, the message is unmistakably meant to affirm China won’t back down on its longtime claims to sovereignty over the island…

Though taking place firmly within Chinese mainland territory, the geography is important, considering as Reuters notes that “Fujian would be a key launching site for any Chinese invasion of Taiwan due to its geographical proximity.” Read more…

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