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GOP Surrenders, Endorses Removing American Statues

The Details:
During a debate on the removal of statues and portraits from the U.S. Capitol that depict members of the Confederacy and other historical white male figures that enrage progressives, House minority leader and Frank Luntz’s roommate Kevin McCarthy announced that he supports far-left calls for the statues’ removal because they depict “Democrats.”

“The greatest challenge ever to our Constitution was the Civil War,” McCarthy proclaimed. “Long and by far. The bill we’re voting on today, we voted before, and I supported it, and I support it now. But let me state a simple fact- all the statues being removed by this bill are statues of Democrats. Madame Speaker, as I heard the Speaker talk earlier about removing the four portraits of Speakers in the hall, the same answer goes for that as well. They were all Democrats.”

The Details:
McCarthy continued the bizarre monologue, declaring, “What’s interesting is the statues that need to be removed were sent to the Capitol by states that were majority controlled by Democrats, sent to a House that had a majority controlled by Democrats, accepting of these statues. I think the bill should go further.”

Virginia Congressional candidate Jarome Bell slammed McCarthy comment’s on Tuesday, tweeting “Giving the Democrats a reason to tear down historical monuments will inevitably lead to the destruction of the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials and the Washington Monument. Anyway, the way your whiney a** was CRYING on Fox News on Jan 6th DQs you from leadership.”

McCarthy also made a strange comparison between the Confederacy and anti-white critical race theory during Tuesday’s House debate, without providing much of an explanation for the analogy. Read more…

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