Groan: Now Masks Are a “Civil Rights Issue”

The Grind:
Biden has opted to sic the Department of Education on those states that have not fallen in line with his preferred view by bringing civil rights investigations against them. It’s a federal power grab.

The Details:
First Biden had the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stop landlords from evicting tenants who failed to pay their rent. That ended with a Supreme Court loss, but not until the directive had been in place in various forms for almost seven months.

Then, in late June 2021, the Department of Justice commenced a civil rights lawsuit against the State of Georgia claiming that its legislation to ensure the integrity and security of the election process violated the federal Voting Rights Act. This highly politically partisan exercise was brought (by the supposedly apolitical DOJ) to allow the federal government to regulate Georgia’s elections – a patently unconstitutional infringement of state’s rights under the Tenth Amendment.

Now the Biden administration is at it again, turning to another federal agency to try to force states to implement his agenda – this time to compel K-12 schools to impose universal mask mandates…

The prudence of compelling children to wear masks indoors at school is hotly debated by medical and epidemiological experts. Read more…

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