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In Biden’s America, Whites Are the Enemy

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The Grind:
From American Greatness:

The Left is in a huff that Americans have started to notice the nonsense story we are constantly fed about race in America is precisely backwards. While we are told we live under “white supremacy,” dehumanizing, anti-white racism is increasingly pervasive in American life. It’s in schools across the country, where white children are indoctrinated to hate themselves because of their skin color. Corporations subject their workers to ritual humiliation about “whiteness” and what must be done to purge themselves, and society, of this evil. The federal government, under Joe Biden, is prosecuting a new draconian “war on extremism” that is, in reality, a shot across the bow at recalcitrant whites who refuse to accept this hostile treatment.

As Biden recently explained in Tulsa, white people are basically terrorists.

“Terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today—not ISIS, not al-Qaeda, white supremacists,” he said.

The exact nature of this threat is never fully explained, but that is beside the point. Wild claims about “white supremacy” are to be taken on faith, never questioned. Surely, Biden knows that the shoe is firmly on the other foot: racism toward whites is now encouraged, even rewarded.

The Details:
This is perhaps the best proof that Biden’s unhinged “white supremacy” talk is bogus: whites, and only whites, are prohibited from noticing that they are becoming a despised minority. It is a simple and widely acknowledged fact that America will become a majority-minority nation in just a few decades. The Left doesn’t deny it, in fact they loudly celebrate it. But they shout down anyone who notices their gloating as a “racist conspiracy theorist.”

Under the circumstances, one cannot say in good faith that white anxiety is “irrational.” Yet for the Left, demographic replacement is a positive good, a “source of strength,” says Biden, speaking with triumph about this transformation just a few years ago. “Fewer than 50 percent of the people in America [in the future] will be white European stock,” he boasted.

When did it become the case that “fewer white people” equals “good?” Could it be that white people are evil, and having fewer of them around will improve society, and set history right?

A New York psychiatrist discoursing on the “psychopathy of the white mind” at Yale recently shared her wish to “unload a revolver” into random white people. A different New York psychiatrist published a paper comparing white people to flesh-eating parasites, for which there is “no permanent cure.” In Georgia, a black man recently charged with randomly shooting white men admitted that racial hate was the reason.

But hey, never mind all that! Those whites are just scared of progress!

If these teachings are not stopped, we will end up with generations trained to hate, with fanatical passion, an increasingly vulnerable racial group. What will America look like then? Read more…

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