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Medicare Report Shows a Pandemic of the Vaccinated

Ground to Perfection

The Grind:
The ‘fully vaccinated’ dominate COVID hospitalizations and cases in new Medicare data uncovered by medical freedom advocate Thomas Renz.

The Details:
A presentation last week for Project Salus, an AI-based COVID program of the Department of Defense (DOD), reported the findings from among a sample of 5.6 million Medicare beneficiaries, 80 percent of whom were over 65 years old.

“As the Delta variant became predominant, COVID-19 cases increased five-fold in the [over-65] population,” the report states. “In this 80% 65+ population, an estimated 60% of COVID-19 hospitalizations occurred in fully vaccinated individuals in the week ending August 7th.”

The “fully vaccinated” also made up more than 71 percent of COVID-19 cases as of August 21, according to the presentation, which was published online by the analytics firm Humetrix, a Project Salus partner. Read more…

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