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‘Migrant President’: Mexico’s Obrador Sounds Alarm Over Biden Policy

The Grind:
Some Democratic lawmakers, particularly in border districts, have criticized Joe Biden’s immigration policies, but now concern is coming from south of the frontier.

Reuters reports Mexican leaders, including left-wing president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, fear the Biden administration is stoking illegal immigration and creating business for organized crime.

The Details:
Central American nations, said Lopez Obrador, “see Biden as the migrant president, and so many feel they’re going to reach the United States.”

“We need to work together to regulate the flow, because this business can’t be tackled from one day to the next,” the Mexican president said the day after his March 1 virtual meeting with Biden.

Reuters reported internal assessments, based on testimonies and intelligence gathering, state that amid U.S. measures that “incentivize migration,” Mexican gangs are diversifying methods of smuggling and winning clients. Read more…

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