Israel Teaches Iran A Lesson

Grind for May 14th, 2018

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This Means War

The Headline

Direct confrontation between Iran and Israel following JCPOA withdrawal

The Grind

The Israeli military on Thursday launched missiles at more than 30 Iranian targets in Syria following an attempted attack on Israeli front-line positions in the Golan Heights on Wednesday.

Iran’s attack against Israel, launched by troops stationed in Syria, came one day after President Trump announced his withdrawal from the JCPOA. The attack was easily deflected by Israel’s anti-missile systems.

Israel’s retaliatory strike destroyed “nearly all” of Iran’s military infrastructure in Syria, said Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, including intelligence sites, weapons depots, and the rocket launcher used in Wednesday’s attack.

“If there is rain on our side, there will be a flood on their side,” warned Lieberman.

The Details

Israeli officials last weekend warned of an imminent attack from Iran and vowed to respond by hitting all Iranian targets in Syria.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday to discuss the situation.

Israel has an “obligation and right to defend itself against Iranian aggression from Syrian territory,” Netanyahu told Putin, adding that Tehran is “trying to transfer forces and deadly weapons there with the explicit goal of attacking the state of Israel.”

Russia after the strike called for “restraint” from both sides, while the Trump Administration defended Israel’s right to self defense and warned Iran against further provocation.

Israeli troops stationed in the Golan had been on “high alert” following Trump’s decision to pull out of the JCPOA. The deal, which many viewed as the only thing preventing an all-out war between Iran and Israel, could also rekindle Netanyahu’s desire to conduct missile strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The Time Has Come

The Headline

Trump announces date and time for meeting with Kim Jong-un

The Grind

President Trump on Thursday unveiled plans to meet with Kim Jong-un in Singapore on June 12th.

Singapore was chosen over Mongolia, which is too close to China, and the DMZ, which would suggest that Trump was meeting Kim on his own turf.

While the White House says the goal of the talks is the “irreversible” denuclearization of North Korea, Kim has described the meeting as “an excellent first step toward promotion of the positive developments on the Korean Peninsula and [the] building of a good future.”

The Details

Details about the highly anticipated meeting were announced shortly after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo returned home from a trip to Pyongyang.

Traveling with him were three Korean-Americans who had been imprisoned in North Korea for over a year.

Vice President Mike Pence, who was present when the former prisoners were reunited with their families, expressed optimism about the upcoming meeting.

“If he will change, different from his father, different from his grandfather, if he will set his nation on a different path, that there’s a bright future available for the people of North Korea,” said Pence.

We are already “seeing hopeful signs from Kim Jong-un that he is prepared to embrace complete denuclearization – that’s his words,” added Pence.

Trump said that denuclearizing the peninsula will be his “proudest achievement,” but he also made it clear that he would “walk away” from negotiations if they are not productive.

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