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Grind for June 12th, 2018

“Our heads are round so thought can change direction.”
– Allen Ginsberg

Not Fair

The Headline

President Trump urges allies to end unfair trade at G7 summit

The Grind

“The United States has been taken advantage of for decades and decades,” said President Trump this weekend at the conclusion of the G7 summit in Quebec. “I don’t blame other leaders for that, I blame our past leaders. There was no reason that this should have happened.”

Trump during the summit pushed for the elimination of trade barriers, including tariffs and subsidies, and warned allies they could lose access to the US economy if barriers remain in place.

The Details

Going into the summit, G7 members were already frustrated with Trump over his recent tariffs on steel and aluminum from Mexico, the EU, and Canada. All three have promised to retaliate with their own taxes on US imports.

“If they retaliate, they’re making a mistake,” said Trump.

In addition to the US, the Group of Seven includes Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Russia was expelled in 2014 after its controversial annexation of Crimea.

Trump this weekend urged members to consider allowing Russia back into the group. “They should let Russia come back in, because we should have Russia at the negotiating table.”

Trump left the summit four hours early to avoid talks on the environment, including clean energy, climate change, and the health of oceans.

Trump is now on his way to Singapore, where he will meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

“This is unknown territory in the truest sense,” said Trump. “But I feel really confident. It’s never been done, it’s never been tested. So we are going in with a really positive spirit.”

Just Say No

The Headline

DA elections this week were a major setback for George Soros

The Grind

Billionaire investor George Soros suffered a major defeat this week when three of the four California district attorney candidates he supported lost to candidates with more traditional views on law enforcement.

Soros spent nearly $3 million on four progressive candidates who supported “lower incarceration rates, crackdowns on police misconduct, and changes in a bail system that they argue discriminates against the poor,” reports Fox News.

Soros’s failure is great news for Republicans because it shows that America (just like Hungary) is not in tune with his progressive ideas and that DA seats can’t be bought.

The Details

“This is a good day for the people,” said DA Anne Marie Schubert, who defeated Soros-backed Noah Phillips. “You can’t buy an election in the county of Sacramento. Here’s to four more years.”

Schubert beat Phillips by a 2-1 margin in spite of a Soros-funded smear campaign against her for her failure to prosecute a cop for shooting a civilian.

The only Soros candidate to come out on top was Diana Becton, who won in Contra Costa County. Becton must face off against Senior Deputy DA Paul Graves in the November general election, however, so her victory is not guaranteed.

Some liberal activists criticized Soros for using his money on ads and smear campaigns rather than efforts to get more people to the polls.

“You can pay for all the ads in the world, but if people don’t go to the polls, it doesn’t really matter,” says Rev. Shane Harris.

Others insist Soros’s money did not go to waste.

“Win or lose, these campaigns have been a success because they elevated the voices of voters,” argues Anne Irwin. “The elections reminded the DAs that these are not tenured positions. They have to answer to the communities that elect them.”

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