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Texas vs. California: Who Wins?

The Grind:
Almost 20 years ago, journalist Bill Bishop coined the term “Big Sort” to describe how Americans were self-segregating—by culture, religion, and even media consumption, especially news. Bishop’s “sort” was mostly intraregional and granular, more a matter of where you lived within a given metro area or state than in which metro or state. But in more recent years, as America has become even more polarized, the sort has become more regional and state-to-state.

Now the migration appears to be a flood…

The Details:
Miller has given us an appropriately political-sciency account of the roots of this movement, focused on two states he considers, with good reason, to be the respective capitals of Red and Blue America…

California’s greatest asset, the weather, is similarly a gift of God and nature.

Miller doesn’t mention the state’s crumbling infrastructure, the homelessness and crime in its major cities, nor the myriad other ways the Golden State’s quality of life for all but moguls and tech lords continues to plummet. Indeed, in certain precincts, public order has all but collapsed. Brazen thieves routinely enter stores with garbage bags and pillow cases, fill them with loot, and stroll out unchallenged. Walgreens alone closed 17 San Francisco stores in the past five years because of shoplifting, a crime the authorities no longer even make a pretense of deterring or punishing…

The spirit of the Alamo still burns in Texans, in a way that, one hopes, the Spirit of ’76 still burns in American hearts. There may come a point when Texans stop simply wishing California would buzz off and mind its own business. If the Lone Star way of life is to survive, Texans must fight for it. Then we shall see whether California’s long experiment with postmodern deracination and anti-masculinity can stand up to Texas’s more robust embrace of the old virtues.

I’m not a betting man, but were that conflict to erupt, my money would be on Texas. Read more…

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