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Trump Team: Voters Should Call State Legislatures for Special Sessions to Decertify

the Daily Grind: Goes Down Smooth

The Grind:
President Donald Trump’s campaign has been pressing voters to call their state legislatures to conduct an emergency special session on voter fraud.

Over the past several days, the team urged people to contact Georgia House Speaker David Ralston and Georgia, Senate Majority Leader Mike Dugan to “demand a vote on decertification” of the state’s Electoral College votes.

The Details:
The Trump Team Twitter account also posted the phone numbers of state legislators in Arizona, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

It comes as the Joint Session of Congress is slated to convene on Jan. 6 to count the Electoral College votes. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and at least 40 House representatives have announced they would challenge the votes.

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania’s GOP delegation to Congress announced they would challenge Pennsylvania’s electors. They include Republican Reps. Dan Meuser, Glenn Thompson, Mike Kelly, Scott Perry, Lloyd Smucker, Guy Reschenthaler, John Joyce, and Fred Keller. Read more…

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