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Uh Oh: Bill Gates Finds a New Pandemic

The Grind:
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, whose advice guided much of the global response to the Covid pandemic, has seemingly washed its hands of one virus while warning the world isn’t prepared to deal with the next big pandemic.

The Details:
The foundation’s annual report, released on Tuesday, bemoaned the poverty increases wrought “by Covid-19” – omitting that much of the damage linked to the virus stemmed from economic shutdowns imposed by governments which were often taking their advice from the Gates Foundation and associated entities.

However, the report ultimately put an optimistic spin on the damage, noting things could have been much worse. Childhood vaccinations had only dropped half as much as predicted, and some wealthy countries’ economies were already on the rebound, it noted. The mRNA vaccine companies were seeing the light and investing in Africa and other impoverished areas of the world, the report added, after presumably realizing how much economic opportunity awaited them there. Read more…

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