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12 Million Face Eviction as Moratorium Ends

The Grind:
The eviction moratorium ends July 31. Millions of households are behind with no confidence in making payments.

The Details:
These numbers are way understated…

Every chart is missing 72,166,927 individuals in which the Census Department does not have tenure data.

The total is 50,922,215 living in rental households + 127,127,307 living in owner occupied homes + 72,166,927 unknowns.

Some of those unknowns are not current or in trouble even if they are current.

7.43 million in rental properties are not current. 5.95 million owner occupied housing are not current. 8.71 million live in owner occupied homes where the homeowners have little or no confidence in ability to pay their mortgage. 12.71 million live in rental properties where the heads of household have little or no confidence in ability to pay their rent.

The above numbers are undoubtedly understated because the status of 72.17 million households is unknown. Rent plus back rent is due August 1. There will be no more rent moratoriums without Congressional action as per Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. On September 1, Federal unemployment benefits expire. Read more…

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