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Academia Declares War on White People

The Grind:
Over the past week, the right has given enormous attention to two pieces of exceptionally violent and demented anti-white rhetoric vomited out from America’s rotten academic establishment. For American patriots who have endured a barrage of racialized hatred against them for years on end, these latest incidents may not be worth dwelling on too long.

For years, the right has shied away from admitting exactly what the left has been pushing. Demands for reparations, celebrations of rioting, and hyperbolic screeds from university campuses have been ridiculed, dismissed, or denounced as socialism, Marxism, or neutral concepts like “critical race theory.”

These labels aren’t enough. The nature of America’s new extremism wave requires the right to be honest and frank about what it is. It’s not “socialism,” or “Marxism,” or “liberal fascism.” In 2021, America is facing a steadily-growing amount of anti-white racism. And the surest sign of this ideology’s success is that its chief opponents are terrified to even say what it is. Left unchecked, the rhetoric of anti-white racism is growing from casual abuse to quasi-genocidal.

The Details:
At Yale University, psychoanalyst Aruna Khilanani delivered a lecture on “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind.” The lecture, delivered in early April, was apparently so unremarkable to those watching it that it didn’t attract any notice for two months. The lecture only became known to the wider public when Bari Weiss published a transcript on her Substack…

Meanwhile, in one of the countless execrable journals funded by America’s higher education racket, Donald Moss of the New York Psychoanalytic Institute published a paper, “On Having Whiteness,” that characterizes white people as susceptible to a malignant, incurable brain condition that turns them into psychopathic monsters.

There is no charitable way to spin what Khilanani said or what Moss wrote, though many of course are already trying. This is race hatred. The very fact of being white is equated with parasitism, turning one into a hideous, warped monster. The rhetoric is sexualized- “insatiable” and “voracious” are both directly used to describe sexual appetites, while “perverse” evokes “perverted”- to represent white people as metaphorical and perhaps literal rapists. And of course, this evil is “nearly impossible to eliminate.” And even if controlled or suppressed, whites are ready at a moment’s notice to “regress” back into their evil ways, with no “permanent cure.”

Or, to rephrase Moss’s words slightly, there is not yet a “final solution” to the Whiteness Question…

This is genocidal rhetoric, and it would be obvious to everyone if it were written about any other group. Read more…

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