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Afraid and Exposed, Schoolboards Resort to Violence

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The Grind:
An Indiana school board meeting turned hostile after a parent confronted a board member on continued abusive mask mandates on children in the schools.

The Details:
A Shenandoah parent, Jason Greer, discussed depleted oxygen levels for kids wearing masks that turned into a fight with school board member Alan Troxell, the assistant secretary. As Troxell began to become more hostile towards Greer’s desire to unmask the kids, Greer eventually had enough and called Troxell an “idiot.”

“What? What’d you say? Did you call me an idiot?” Troxell was seen yelling at Greer, who remained seated. Troxell then aggressively charged towards Greer before being restrained by a school resource officer…

“I’m tired of that stupid bas****,” Troxell said in the video.

Troxel continued the profanity-filled rant after Greer was removed from the meeting, saying that he won’t “put up with this s*** no more,” and that he will not “stay [t]here and be called an idiot by some dumb***.” Read more…

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