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Another Anti-Conservative Media Smear, Debunked

The Grind:
The Jerusalem Post is under fire for using a photo of white men wearing combat vests featuring Confederate battle flags in an article about the armed standoff between the “Rise of the Moors” black militia group and Boston law enforcement.

The Jerusalem Post used the image of white men with Confederate battle flag emblems for its article, “Two arrested as armed militia group stands off with police in Boston”. The image shows two men, one clearly armed with a rifle, wearing vests and camouflage. One man has what appears to be a three-percenter militia emblem crossed with a Confederate battle flag.

The Details:
However, the “Rise of the Moors” militia group appears to be comprised of black men. While their belief structure is unclear at present, including whether it may revolve around Islam, it appears the militia believed they were legally exercising their Second Amendment rights to possess and carry firearms. According to local media, a man who identifies as Jamhal Talib Abdullah Bey live streamed part of the standoff on YouTube…

Harrison Smith, the host of Infowars morning show The American Journal, added, “What a despicably deceptive image for the @Jerusalem_Post to use. Pure blood-libel.” Read more…

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