Another Weird Trump Endorsement: Pro-Trans Dr. Oz

The Grind:
Dr. Mehmet Oz claims to be conservative in his race for the GOP Senate nomination in Pennsylvania, but the talk show host’s past history on the topic of “transgender children” is resurfacing.

The Details:
The following clip, recently unearthed by Human Events’ Jack Posobiec, comes from a 2010 episode of the Dr. Oz show.
Dr. Oz did a whole episode promoting transgender children – including surgery

The opening portion of the talk show program comes off as if Dr. Oz intended to present both sides of the issue. But in the fuller episode clip posted to YouTube earlier this year, it becomes apparent that wasn’t the case.

“It’s an area of intense debate. Today you’ll meet families coping with this astonishing reality. What does it mean to be a boy? What does it mean to be a girl? Those two simple questions are infinitely complex and gut-wrenching for parents of children who are born transgender,” Dr. Oz says. Read more…

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