Arizona Targeted by Immigration Invaders After Border Siege

the Daily Grind: Goes Down Smooth

The Grind:
Agents of the Yuma, Arizona Border Patrol sector have reported encountering more than 1,000 asylum seekers and illegal immigrants in one day alone, with the state of Arizona shaping up as the new target of a wave of illegal immigration spurred by the Biden administration’s ‘America Last’ border and immigration policies.

The Details:
The Chief Patrol Agent of the Yuma Sector indicated that last Thursday represented a fiscal-year high in apprehensions of illegals in the field.

Joe Biden already is poised to break a single-year fiscal record for illegal immigration, with his dismantling of President Donald Trump’s game-changing ‘Remain in Mexico’ asylum policy spurring a wave of border infiltration unlike anything seen in American history…

“It’s getting a lot worse,” said Wilmot. “I’ve never seen it this bad with Border Patrol having to hold so many, and dealing with the issues we’re dealing with now because the administration won’t enforce the law.” Over 3,400 illegal immigrants, largely from countries such as Brazil, Venezuela and Cuba, were being held in Border Patrol holding facilities over the weekend. Migrants who are single stand a decent chance of being quickly expelled from the United States under coronavirus border policies implemented by President Trump, whereas migrants claiming to arrive as family units are consistently granted amnesty from US immigration law and resettled throughout the country. Read more…

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