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ASU Defends Aggressor After Harassment of White Students

We Ground It Down, and Gave You the Best Parts

The Grind:
Sarra Tekola, the ASU PhD candidate and Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist who was recently seen harassing two white students for having a “Police Matter” shirt and for ‘studying in the multicultural center while white’ appeared to have previously hd her own official profile on the Arizona State University (ASU) website, with the school quietly removing the link after the incident.

The Details:
This comes after the university’s widely considered weak statement regarding the incident, which failed to condemn the aggressor in any certain terms…

The ASU website describes Sarra as a “climate and racial justice activist” and details further political involvement of her’s, including that she help co-founded the group Women of Color Speak Out, a far-left organization that appears to have since disbanded.

Tekola’s history of political activism seems to be quite multifaceted, with a Fox News report detailing an event in which Sarra and others were arrested at a BLM rally in Downtown Phoenix following their refusal to clear blocked intersections that were causing delays to emergency service vehicles. One of the protestors arrested at the same rally was found to have two loaded guns upon the arrest. Read more…

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