Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Amounts to Slush Fund

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The Grind:
The Biden administration continues its push on “equity” with its “infrastructure” proposal that Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said will dump money to “people who are not normally at the table or in the research lab.”

Granholm told TheGrio Biden’s climate change piece of the plan will send unspecified sums to historically black colleges and universities.

“My first venture out in this corporate environment was to Howard University,” she said, which was “to support college internships and research projects and opportunities and to bolster investment in underrepresented use in minority-serving institutions.”

Howard University received $400,000 for its energy research.

The Biden administration is putting its focus on electric vehicles, to the dismay of ethanol producers. It intends to build 500,000 charging stations “in urban and rural areas as it simultaneously rebuilds America’s workforce.”

Granholm indicated that is just the beginning if the “infrastructure” proposal is passed and argued “discrimination slows down progression in advancements,” the news site said.

“If you don’t have diverse researchers at the table, your research product, whatever it is, is going to not be as effective,” the secretary said.

The Details:
“So, for example, when we have all this face recognition software out there, all this artificial intelligence, well, they’re the way MIS (facial recognition) identifies African-American faces, especially in law enforcement,” Granholm said.

“Well, if you have more people of color who are on the teams doing the development of that software and that technology, then you will not have that problem,” she argued.

As part of the “equity” push, the Biden administration will put an emphasis on placing electric vehicle charging stations in black neighborhoods. Read more…

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