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Black Academic Fantasizes About Gassing White People

Grinding Away at the News, So You Don't Have To

The Grind:
The CBC invited an author who wrote about “detonating” white people, while “the exits are locked and the air vents [are] filled with gas” to be interviewed on their flagship arts program.

Ben Philippe appeared on Q where he discussed his newest book and racial issues in North America.

During this program, an excerpt from his book was read where he considered what his actions would be in a race war.

“When this race war hits its crescendo. I’ll gather you all into a beautifully decorated room under the pretense of unity. I’ll give a speech to civility and all the good times we share; I’ll smile as we raise glasses to your good, white health, while the detonator blinks under the table, knowing the exits are locked and the air vents filled with gas.”

The Details:
Q is the highest-rated show in its time slot in CBC history and is known for generating a younger audience. Q was hosted by Jian Ghomeshi until he was accused of sexual misconduct in 2014.

Philippe’s new book (the one with the excerpt about gassing white people) is called “Sure, I’ll be your Black Friend.”
The CBC host asked the author about his imagined race war. In his book, the host said that Philippe asked “what would happen if there was a race war and what side you would be on. And you took it to a place that I found really shocking,” she said. Read more…

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