CBS Finally Admits Hunter Biden Laptop Is Real

The Grind:

I’ll take “Headlines from October 2020” for $100, Mayim. More than two years after the New York Post reported on the laptop Hunter Biden left at a repair shop, and more than two years after at least one figure within the files corroborated its authenticity, CBS News has finally concluded that … it’s real and it’s spectacular.

Maybe this was yet another “pause” for CBS News, eh?

The Details:

No offense to Catherine Herridge, who does excellent work on the national security beat, but these are leftovers – and ancient at that. This story should have run a couple of years ago, when the New York Post first reported on the laptop and had outside experts do precisely what CBS News finally got around to doing now. Herridge doesn’t mention that in her report.

Nor does she mention the fact that other outlets had long since reported exactly what CBS News purports to reveal here. Even among the mainstream media, this is nothing new; the New York Times reported eight months ago that the Department of Justice had authenticated the laptop data. The Washington Post followed up two weeks later to report the same thing. The DoJ’s long investigation into Hunter Biden on the basis of the laptop would implicitly prove the authenticity of the data anyway; if it was fake, the DoJ would have long ago closed out their probes. Read more…

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