CDC Now Demands You Wear Two Masks, Not Just One

The Grind:
New CDC guidelines now instruct citizens to wear a cloth mask over a disposable mask, claiming doing so helps masks fit better and prevents coronavirus spread.

Biden’s newly appointed CDC director, Rochelle Walensky, claimed that “new science is emerging” about the need for citizens to wear two masks, and as such, the CDC have updated their guidance on their website, instructing people to add “layers of material” to their masks, specifically wearing a disposable mask underneath a cloth mask.

The Details:
Walensky said in a press conference that a lab experiment designed to test how to improve the fit of facemasks on people. In the study, they looked at two approaches: one being to double-mask, with a cloth mask over a disposable mask, and a second being to knot and tuck the ear-loops on a normal mask.

With these “well-fitting masks,” Walensky claimed that they reduced exposure levels of receiver by 95% compared to no mask at all. The CDC Director notably did not discuss the percentage difference between wearing two masks and wearing one mask, and the difference in effectiveness between wearing two masks and the ear-loop tuck method. Read more…

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