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Democrats Are Desperate to Distract From the Real Issues Plaguing Voters

Ground Down to the Essentials

The Grind:

Americans know the country is in trouble, which is why President Joe Biden and his Democrat allies are doing everything they can to distract voters from the crises plaguing America with the hope that it will save them from getting stripped from the halls of power in the upcoming midterm elections.

A new poll from Harvard-Harris found that, despite the left’s best attempts to focus voters on issues such as their extremist abortion and climate agendas, Americans care more about the economy, the border crisis, and crime.

The Details:

Thirty-seven percent of voters say inflation and price increases are the biggest issues facing the country today. Right behind that is the economy and jobs, which 29 percent of voters think is a No. 1 problem. Approximately 23 percent of voters say immigration is at the front of their minds, while another 18 percent said crime and drug issues are most important. And considering that pollsters typically frame these surveys to shape public opinion in favor of Democrats, that these issues still emerged as voters’ top four concerns shows how important they are.

Meanwhile, only 17 percent of voters cited vague “women’s rights” as an important issue, and a mere 5 percent of voters said the same about foreign policy. That, however, hasn’t stopped Biden from focusing on inflation overseas and pretty much anything else except inflation at home. Read more…

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