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Demonic Possession is Now a TikTok Fad

The Grind:
Quite simply, people with disassociative identity disorder (DID) express multiple personalities, sometimes with great variation…DID used to be known as “multiple personality disorder.” Not surprisingly, people typically develop this disorder due to sustained abuse, during which they disassociate from the horrors being perpetrated on their bodies. Several TikTok and YouTube accounts of such broken people, who refer to themselves as a “host” or “system” of multiple beings, have millions of online followers.

The Details:
They exhibit their various personalities for online notoriety in the guise of “educating” and “promoting awareness…”

In a Vice article about the disorder published six years ago, one afflicted person eerily “refers to the body as the ‘meat car.’ The nine members of her system simply take turns driving it around.”

Often such people refer to themselves using plural pronouns, or as a mix of single and plural pronouns, just as demons did in the ancient world. Famously, when Jesus Christ asked a possessed man his name, he replied, “My name is Legion, for we are many.” That puts the pronoun struggle in a new light, doesn’t it?

The multiple personalities disorder itself seems to emanate straight from Hell, whether you take that literally or metaphorically, as it typically stems from child torture. Most genuine sufferers were trapped into unspeakably horrific abuse situations before the age of 10. This is a result of trauma that needs true healing, not the continued abuse of pretending that some evil results of unspeakable trauma are actually cool and fun…

The Redditors record freaky posts I’m also not linking, including people who claim to have DID insisting one personality is a serial killer or pedophile, and anything that personality does is not the other personalities’ fault. Read more…

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