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Devin Nunes Speaks Out After Report DOJ Spied on His Staffers

The Grind:

The DOJ was spying on Congress, too.

Former House Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes is speaking out after it was revealed that federal prosecutors had used grand jury subpoenas back in 2017 to get phone and email records of his top investigators who were looking into the now-discredited Russia collusion hoax.

According to reporting by John Solomon in Just the News:

The subpoenas were served on Nov. 20, 2017 during a critical time frame in the committee’s effort to expose the Donald Trump-Russia collusion investigation as having been driven by an uncorroborated political opposition dossier funded by Hillary Clinton.

The Details:

Nunes’ committee was locked at the time in a bitter struggle to force the FBI and DOJ to turn over records to the committee.

The extraordinary intrusion on congressional oversight belatedly came to light in the last few days when the former committee staffers were informed by Google that their records had been taken back in late 2018, consistent with the Big Tech company’s policy of alerting customers five years after law enforcement takes such actions.

Nunes reacted in an interview with Tucker Carlson of the report:

At this point Tucker it appears to be that it’s not just a couple staff, it looks like it probably is more. We only have a couple subpoenas at this point so this is probably just the tip of the iceberg. Remember, they targeted my lawyers, and so if you go back to the time frame, what was happening? We were in a brawl with the Department of Justice and the FBI because we caught them spying on the Trump campaign and other Republican operatives in 2016 that continued on to 2017. Read more…

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