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Elected Dem DA’s “Won’t Prosecute Prostitution, Trespassing, Resisting Arrest”

Ground to the Good Stuff, At No Cost to Class

The Grind:
Incoming Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has released a “Day 1 Memo” highlighting issues and actions he wants the office to take under his direction.

Amongst these actions, Bragg issued a list of charges that would not be prosecuted by his office “under any circumstances.”

The Details:
These charges include marijuana misdemeanors, fare evasion or turnstile jumping, trespassing including criminal trespass in the second and third degree, driving with a suspended license, prostitution, and resisting arrest for arrests of non-criminal offenses…

“Arrests and prosecutions for misdemeanors and violations can significantly affect people’s lives even when they result in convictions for minor offenses, short sentences, or probation, costing people their employment, housing, student loans, immigration status, and even their children, and contributing to a cycle of incarceration and poverty that is hard to break,” wrote Bragg. Read more…

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