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Globalists Hijack 9/11 Anniversary to Scaremonger About “White Supremacy”

The Grind!

The Grind:
For most Americans, the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks marked a solemn and sober occasion. It was a day to remember the deadliest foreign attack ever made on American soil, and a day to remember many heroes who gave their lives saving others. It was also a day to consider the many ways America has gone astray in the two decades since.

But our demented ruling class think differently than the plebs they govern. They used the 20th anniversary of 9/11 to mount a full-court propaganda press to portray their fellow Americans as terrorist threats.

The Details:
Hillary Clinton set the tone on the CBS morning show…

Clinton said: “We always have to be aware of, and protect against, external threats. But what really is tearing our country apart and threatening our democracy is what we saw on January 6th. And I unfortunately have seen so much of that kind of continuing divisiveness and hatred and ideological attitudes about our democracy, about each other.”

President Bush followed up with an atrocious speech in Shanksville.

9/11’s Twentieth Anniversary would be a good time to reflect on the bloody failures of the George W. Bush administration. There could be a frank discussion on how Bush took America’s greatest moment of national unity since World War 2, and channeled it into two disastrous overseas wars while greatly empowering intelligence agencies at home. There could be discussion on how, instead of asking Americans to sacrifice, Bush urged them to go shopping and launched a federal spending spree that has never stopped. There could even be a frank discussion on how Bush failed to stop the attacks themselves, which might be related to Bush explicitly running on a pledge to scale back racial profiling in airports…

The rest of the lying media clearly got the narrative memo in advance. Read more…

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