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Google Unveils “Jigsaw” Plan for Universal Surveillance

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The Grind:
Beth Goldberg, a research program manager at Google’s Jigsaw project, released an article on Medium explaining how the tech giant is taking measures to censor “hate speech” by classifying different users in clusters.

The Details:
In the article, Goldberg repeatedly equated individuals who “knowingly spread COVID-19 disinformation” with “violent white supremacists” in an attempt to justify Draconian censorship against both groups. She also explained how Google is partnering with George Washington University (GWU) to perfect their Big Brother system of control.

“Cluster mapping was a fitting approach for both the white supremacist movement and medical disinformants due to their often informally organized, decentralized online networks,” Goldberg wrote, noting that a “cluster” is determined when “two out of the 20 most recent posts at the time of classification include hate content.”

They found that their target groups tend to use Facebook, Instagram, Gab, 4chan, Telegram, and VKontakte to spread links and other content…

Big League Politics has reported on how Google has blatantly censored content, even if it is posted by elected government officials, when it contradicts the official globalist narrative on crucial issues. Read more…

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