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Hollywood Embraces Political Violence Without Repercussions

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The Grind:
Hollywood erupted in near-universal glee over the weekend as President Donald Trump got deplatformed from social media for allegedly inciting violence.

Sacha Baron Cohen cried, “we did it,” while actress Amber Tamblyn said that “we need to go further” after Twitter and Facebook removed Trump from their networks.

Stars begged for such a move long before the recent Capitol riots that some blamed on the president aggressively contesting the election.

The Details:
Yet celebrities have spent the last four years doing just what they accuse the president of doing – inciting violence on, and off, social media – with almost no repercussions.

At the Women’s March right after the Trump inauguration in 2017, Madonna told a throng of anti-Trump protesters that she dreamed of blowing up the White House – presumably with the president inside.

Comic Kathy Griffin endured the most professional blowback after sharing an image of her holding a bloody Trump head high like an ISIS torture video. She lost gigs, gave a strained apology which she quickly walked back, and had the Secret Service come calling. Read more…

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