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Irony: US Political Prisoners Now Seek Asylum in Belarus

Ground to Perfection

The Grind:
A 48-year old man who is an alleged Jan.6 ‘Capitol rioter’ is currently seeking political asylum in Belarus, in a bizarre story capturing global headlines, also given heavy FBI involvement and a manhunt underway.

The Details:
After California resident Evan Neumann was charged in July with six criminal counts he reportedly fled to eastern Europe, and was subsequently placed on the US Most Wanted List. He’s since emerged in Alexander Lukashenko’s Belarus, where he’s been given a hero’s treatment, with state media portraying him as a “simple American” who is fleeing “political persecution”.

He’s among hundreds of Americans across various states who are now facing federal charges for their role during the chaotic events at the Capitol building on Jan.6. However, unlike most, Neumann is charged with assaulting officers – allegedly having punched multiple police…

But interestingly, the ex-Soviet Republic of Belarus – which is widely described as Europe’s last dictatorship (given President Alexander Lukashenko’s rule of 26 years) – is featuring his story as an example of Western hypocrisy and America’s crackdown on human rights. Read more…

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