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Is the Sleeping Conservative Dragon Finally Waking Up?


The Grind:
Conservatives and traditionalists find themselves increasingly frustrated and concerned about the prevailing woke cultural revolution that is sweeping across society. They observe that these radical changes are occurring despite a lack of public support for such transformations. A prominent example is the persisting border policy and illegal immigration, which goes against the wishes of the majority of Americans.

Another issue that deeply troubles conservatives is the intrusion of biological men into female sports. They argue that this trend contradicts the principles of fair competition and believe that most Americans reject it. Conservatives also worry about the weaponization and distortion of American jurisprudence, which has led to a biased and unfair judicial system.

The Details:
The inconsistent treatment of individuals based on their political affiliation further fuels the concerns of conservatives. They note that while former President Donald Trump faces potential indictment for a decade-old allegation of overvaluing his net worth, violent criminals often receive lenient treatment. Instances of minimal arrests and jail time for individuals involved in torching a federal courthouse or massing at the White House contrast sharply with the five-year prison sentences handed out to those who entered the Capitol building during protests.

The state of the economy presents another area of contention for conservatives, with high energy prices, surging urban crime rates, and perceived politicization within institutions such as the FBI, CIA, Justice Department, and Pentagon. These self-created messes contribute to the belief that extreme policies lacking popular support have become deeply ingrained in society.

Conservatives, by their very nature, are inclined to respect and preserve existing institutions rather than pursue radical alterations or dismantling. They have been caught off guard by left-wing-funded lawsuits that fundamentally transformed the electoral process, introducing widespread mail-in and early voting without robust audits or authentication. Instead of advocating for court packing or eliminating the filibuster, conservatives prioritize nominating conservative judges and regaining control of the Senate as their preferred means of influence.

Overall, conservatives and traditionalists are awakening from their political apathy. They have come to recognize that their inaction and complacency have allowed the country to deviate from its founding principles and the vision of America as it existed just a few decades ago. As they awaken to the power of their voices, conservatives are becoming increasingly engaged, employing methods such as boycotts, protests, and assertive advocacy to push back against the imposition of woke ideologies in various sectors of society.

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