Israel Nears the Brink of War Over Prisoner Exchange

The Grind:
Video footage of two alleged Israeli spies being held by an armed Palestinian group have thrown fuel on an already incendiary situation.

The Details:
While indirect talks over a prisoner exchange between Hamas and Israel continue without any concrete progress, Gaza’s armed groups threaten retaliation to any deaths which may occur amongst Palestinian political prisoners inside Israeli jails. This already volatile and tense scenario has been further complicated with the release of a video of two alleged Mossad agents.

Late Friday night, an investigative program aired by Al-Jazeera’s Arabic channel broadcast footage claimed to have been filmed and leaked to them by a little known group called ‘Hurriyeh’ (Freedom). The documentary, which focuses on abuses carried out against Palestinian prisoners in Israel’s military prisons, claims the two were Israeli agents who were “executing secret security missions outside Israel…”

If Tel Aviv is telling the truth and these men are not Israelis or working for Mossad, then this may indicate that a psyops campaign has been carried out against them. Alternatively, if it does turn out that the claims are correct, then this would be an embarrassment for the Israelis and would amount to them having undergone a massive cover-up in order to not weaken their bargaining chips in the exchange negotiations. Read more…

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