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Lebron’s Anti-White Racism Goes Back Farther Than Yesterday

The Grind:
You may not remember this, but there was a Coke commercial from 1979 featuring NFL player “Mean” Joe Greene that deeply defined the soulful and personal relationship between sports and the American people.

I dug it up for those of you who may not have seen it, and for those who have, please enjoy the warm and fuzzy flashback.

You can watch that video HERE.

The Details:
Ahh, the memories… There was a time in this country when sports figures were heroes and titans. They stood for the anthem, they huddled and prayed before the big game, they fought like men on the field or court, and whether they won or lost, they always remembered to thank God at the end of the battle.

They were the epitome of the strong and masculine all-American man. Men cheered for them, women swooned, and little boys wanted to be just like them when they grew up.

And part of the reason why many great sports heroes from the past were so awe-inspiring is that there was an air of mystery about them.

Back in the day, we weren’t privy to all these goofy intimate details about athlete’s lives like we are today — we didn’t know what they ate for breakfast, or what kind of toilet paper they use, or who they voted for.

Sports heroes from the past were a lot like Batman. They showed up when we needed them and then disappeared into the shadows until the next game.

Sadly, that’s no longer the case. Read more…

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