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More Children Shot in Chicago This Year Than Died of Covid

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The Grind:
A new comparison that was made by Fox News draws a shocking parallel between the number of children who are victimized by criminal violence in the Democrat-haven of Chicago, and the total number of children – nationwide – who have passed away from Covid-19.

The Details:
According to the most recent data from the Chicago Police Department and the CDC, the number of children that have been shot this year in the Windy City (302) is much higher than children who have been killed by the virus NATIONWIDE since the beginning of the pandemic (214).

Keep in mind, we are just 2/3 of the way through 2021. By the end of the year, the shootings could easily be double the number of Covid deaths.

Where are the radical “safety-at-all-costs, save just one life” Democrats who are in charge of the city and have been imposing brutal lockdowns in the name of public health? Clearly, criminals are a greater scourge that has affected more children in a life-threatening way than covid has. Read more…

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