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Pharma Execs Mock ‘Pillbillies’ While Americans Suffer

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The Grind:
The opioid epidemic in America is something that has been around in recent years, longer than the actual pandemic virus in itself that the world is still recovering from…

Fast forward to today, another one of America’s largest drug companies, AmerisourceBergen, is in hot water because it’s revealed their executives reportedly mocked opioid addictions.

“One email in 2011 from a Joseph Tomkiewicz, who was working as a corporate investigator for the company at the time, included a rhyme to the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies theme song in which a ‘poor mountaineer’ named Jed ‘barely kept his habit fed’ and traveled to Florida to buy ‘Hillbilly Heroin’ – a nickname for OxyContin.”

Elsewhere, the emails described Kentucky as “OxyContinville” and a regional director for Amerisource said “One of the [Kentucky’s] hillbilly’s must have learned how to read :-)” when the state passed restrictions in response to the opioid crisis.

The Details:
But the most infamous takeaway from the Daily Mail article is from Chris Zimmerman, whose job title is described as “enforcing AmerisourceBergen’s legal obligation to halt opioid deliveries to pharmacies suspected of dispensing suspiciously large amounts of drugs.”

After Florida passed opioid restrictions, he remarked “Watch out ‘George’ and Alabama, here will be a max exodus of pillbillies heading north.” Read more…

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