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Poll: The Numbers Aren’t Good for the Woke Crazies

The Grind:
A large majority of people who voted for former President Trump say they are concerned about anti-white discrimination in the United States, according to a new poll from the University of Virginia and Project Home Fire released on Friday.

The Details:
Eighty-four percent of Trump voters who responded to the survey say they either strongly or somewhat agree that discrimination against whites will increase in the U.S. in the next few years. Of respondents who voted for President Biden, 38 percent said they felt the same way.

On discrimination against minorities, the respondents were flipped, with 87 percent of Biden voters saying they believe white people have advantages over people of color, while 38 percent of Trump voters said the same. Ninety-one percent of Biden voters believe that systemic racism is an issue in America and 45 percent of Trump voters said they agree.

The poll also showed that Trump voters are concerned about Christianity in the U.S., with 84 percent saying they strongly or somewhat agree that the faith is “under attack.”

“American racial and ethnic politics have reached their breaking point,” the report states. Read more…

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