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Republicans Win Landslide Victory in Blue Virginia

We Aren't Above Sweetening Things Up Sometimes...

The Grind:
Republican Glenn Youngkin has been projected as the winner of the Virginia gubernatorial election. Newsmax and Decision Desk HQ have both projected Youngkin as the winner, with elections observer Dave Wasserman also making the same call.

The Details:
With approximately 70% of ballots counted, Youngkin leads Terry McAuliffe by nearly ten percentage points, 54.6% to 44.8%. It’s expected ballots from Democrat stronghold Fairfax County will narrow the final margin, but Virginia political experts believe it’d be highly unlikely the Fairfax ballots will change the pending final result.

Republicans are also slated to win the elections for lieutenant governor and Attorney General in the commonwealth, in what amounts to a sweep of Virginia’s three statewide offices…

The relatively decisive Republican win in Virginia is likely to shatter conventional political wisdom, with pundits dismissing the prospect of the GOP coming back to life in the increasingly Democrat-dominated commonwealth. The contest has major implications for Republican prospects with white suburban voters, a constituency the GOP lost ground with in the 2020 presidential election. Read more…

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