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Rise of New Tech: Gab, Bitchute To Crack Top 500 Sites In America, Parler Maintains Top Rank Despite Server Ban

The Grind:
Following the protests on Capitol Hill, President Trump was deplatformed from the Big Tech social media giants, including most notably Twitter, who was the first to take action against the President and led the charge of his unpersoning.

As conservatives and supporters of the President saw the news, at least a million, or more, swarmed away from traditional social media towards New Tech sites, such as the encrypted messaging app Telegram, the video hosting sites Bitchute and Rumble, and the microblogging sites who are challenging Twitter, Gab and Parler.

The Details:
Alexa, the Amazon-owned organization that tracks the rankings of websites, showed a massive boost in traffic for each of the New Tech sites, with their global and United States rankings each gaining a significant uptick. At the time of writing, the video sites Bitchute and Rumble rank 506 and 392 in the US respectively, with Rumble jumping ahead by around 8,000 places in the world rankings.

The microblogging New Tech alternatives saw specifically sharp upticks after President Trump’s ban, with users concerned about their free speech swapping over from Twitter. Parler now sits at 176 in the United States, while Gab trails a little behind at 647, but with a much faster growth rate represented by a near-vertical meteoric rise in Alexa’s chart. Read more…

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