Rittenhouse Lawyer Blasts “Conservative” Grifters

The Grind:
Kyle Rittenhouse defense attorney Mark Richards is taking aim at previous lawyers the Illinois youth hired to represent his defense, particularly internet conspiracy theorist and celebrity lawyer Lin Wood. Richards, speaking in a interview with Chris Cuomo on CNN, accused Wood and John Pierce of utilizing Kyle’s public profile to raise money.

The Details:
“Well, I had more worried about some of the other things that happened much earlier in this case. The Lin Woods, the John Pierces who were basically trying to I think whore this kid for money, for their own causes,” Richards said. “They kept him in Illinois to fight an extradition that was unwinnable cause they were raising tons of money on him.”

Richards, who successfully argued for and secured Rittenhouse’s acquittal before the jury, also called Wood an “idiot” for arranging for Kyle to speak to the left-wing Washington Post before the homicide charges were adjudicated.

Before trial proceedings even ended, Lin Wood’s Fight Back legal firm tried to grab back the $2 million in bail funds well wishers had donated to secure Kyle’s release from jail to properly prepare for his trial. It goes without saying that these funds would be better utilized for pay for Kyle’s security and relocation needs, with the Illinois youth likely to incur significant expenses as he proceeds with a normal, ever[y]day life. Read more…

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