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San Francisco: Wear a mask or go to prison

The Grind:

California’s COVID emergency will be expiring at the beginning of next month, and this apparently is freaking out San Francisco’s public health establishment.

Both mask and vaccine mandates will expire, including for healthcare facilities. Few people are aware of this but the CDC’s own healthcare mask requirements were dropped months ago–back in September 2022, in fact. Chances are if you have been required to wear a mask to enter a doctor’s office or similar facility wearing a mask, it was your state or the facility that required it. The CDC no longer does.

The Details:

San Francisco’s Health Officer Susan Philip knows better, and she has issued an order that makes it a crime to enter any of 15 types of facilities, including healthcare facilities, prisons, long-term care facilities, or 12 other similar institutions without a “well-fitted face mask.”

A crime. Meaning you can go to jail or be fined for not wearing a mask, despite the CDC and now the State of California admitting that this is unnecessary.

This is following The Science.

The science behind masking has always been weak to nonexistent. Back in the old days, when government officials didn’t consider it their duty to jerk citizens around and make fun of us, everybody in public health knew that mask mandates do not and cannot work to stop the spread of respiratory viruses.

When COVID hit, though, suddenly the surgeon general was instructing people on how to make masks out of T-shirts (he literally made a video on how to do so!). Read more…

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