Schoolboards Secede Nationwide After “Domestic Terror” Fiasco

Ground Nice and Fine

The Grind:
Across the nation, state school boards associations are withdrawing left and right from the National School Boards Association.

The Details:
These moves have been spurred by the NSBA’s decision to send a letter to the federal government requesting for an intervention against concerned parents who have protested many public schools’ controversial curricula and social policies. The NSBA and its allies in the corporate press have labeled angry parents who protest school policies as “domestic terrorists” in a desperate attempt to discredit these movements.

So it’s a small surprise why state school board associations in Montana, South Carolina, and Wisconsin over the past week.

On November 1, 2021, 35 elected officials in South Carolina signed a letter calling on the state NSBA to withdraw from its national parent organization. The South Carolina chapter called out the national organization for the letter, which was drawn up with the help of the Biden administration. While the NSBA apologized for its harsh tone, it still has not made efforts to rectify the deleterious effects of the letter, a view that the South Carolina School Boards Association leadership holds. Read more…

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