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Shock Data Shows Immigration is Destroying American Jobs

The Grind:
The installation of Joe Biden has invariably led to an increase in immigration in recent months. Most notable has been immigration’s effects on the American labor market.

The Details:
The Labor Department’s September Job report revealed that employers created 194,000 jobs in September, which was significantly lower than the original projection of 500,000 that the experts envisioned…

In another employment survey, households instead of businesses experienced job growth of 526,000…

The Household Survey does cover immigration status. However, it does differentiate between legal and illegal aliens… Immigrants (legal and illegal) gained 316,000 jobs, a 1.18% increase from August; Native-born Americans gained 210,000 positions, a 0.17% gain from August… “despite 1.3 million unemployed immigrants reported in September 2021, the foreign-born working-age population expanded at a post-pandemic record, year-over-year.” Read more…

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