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Tesla Cars Keep Exploding; Are Firemen Prepared?

The Grind:
With 40% of new cars predicted to be electric by 2030, Baltimore County’s volunteer firefighter’s association hopes Tesla can figure out how to stop making portable fireballs.

The Details:
Investment bank UBS predicts by 2025, 20% of all new cars sold globally will be electric. Then by 2030, new sales will jump to 40%, and by 2040, every new car sold globally will be electric. The electric car adoption curve appears parabolic, and emergency responders need improved methods to safely and quickly extinguish electric vehicle fires as they’re likely to become more frequent.

Take, for example, a Tesla crash in Towson, Maryland, on Thursday evening. The vehicle immediately caught fire after it smashed into a median. The driver was unharmed, but the fire raged out of control after multiple fire stations didn’t have the proper resources to extinguish the flames.

“The fire escalated to fully involved within about five minutes, officials said. Firefighters initially used portable extinguishers, but a foam unit from the fire department’s hazmat unit was deployed, along with copious amounts of water, to cool the fire as it intensified due to damaged battery-powered cells that contain lithium, which ignites when exposed to oxygen,” local news WBAL said. Read more…

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