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Tesla “Racism” Debacle Shatters the Political Scene

The Grind:
There are a few paths to intergenerational wealth in America. You could build a business from the ground up, spend decades battling to the top of a major corporate hierarchy, or train for years on end to become a world-class talent in music, sports, or entertainment.

Or, you could just point a finger and scream about racism.

That’s the lesson demonstrated this week by Owen Diaz, now a member of America’s plutocrat class because he says somebody called him a mean word a few years ago.

the Details:
It’s easy to see this as just the next outrageous example of America’s woke hysteria — and it certainly does provide an instructive example. But there is a much deeper and more important lesson to be learned from this sordid affair. This latest debacle at Tesla shows that the popular conservative slogan “Get Woke, Go Broke” is a dangerously misguided myth.

The reality, however, is that the market economy exists within a larger ecology that includes an adversarial legal structure, mobilized political pressure groups, and a hostile media, among other things. This much is obvious. What is not obvious, however, is how this larger ecology operates in such a way as to make it impossible for a business to succeed, especially at the highest level, without bending the knee to the American Regime’s woke ideology.

Perhaps the more accurate corollary is actually “Get Woke or Go Broke.” Read more…

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