Texas Mulls Deal With Chinese Billionaire to Build a Wind Farm to Power Laughlin Air Force Base

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The Grind:
Dubbed the “Blue Hills Wind Project,” GH America Energy, a company owned by Shanghai billionaire Sun Guangxin, plans to purchase nearly 130,000 acres of land immediately across from Laughlin Air Force Base. Guangxin is a former officer in the Chinese army and is the richest person in China’s embattled Xinjiang province. GH America Energy is a subsidiary of Guanghui Energy Company, based out of Shanghai, where Sun Guangxin owns a controlling 44% stake, according to Market Screener.

Late last year, Del Rio Mayor, Bruno Lozano, wrote to federal officials close to the matter, “We believe that this project and all future projects of a similar nature will result in unacceptable risk to national security of the United States.”

The Details:
Last week, much of Texas was gripped by historic low temperatures, resulting in deadly power outages that affected roughly 4 million people. These outages are widely reported to be the result of an over reliance on wind turbines by Texas’ energy grid, run by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) held an emergency session with the Texas Legislature Sunday morning but failed to mention the Blue Hills Wind Project or rampant Chinese influence over Texas’ energy grid. Read more…

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