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The Five Big Myths About ‘Racist Policing’


The Grind:
The belief that law enforcement is infused with systemic racism is a myth. As the evidence demonstrates, blacks are not disproportionately killed by the police. Moreover, the perception of white officers as trigger-happy is also baseless. Here is a rebuttal of five popular lies.

The Details:
When politically motivated decisions erode police authority, crime is likely to escalate, not decrease as some would argue. Tanaya Devi and Roland G. Fryer Jr. posit in a 2020 study that investigations of police brutality that were sparked by nationwide sensational media coverage produce unintended consequences.

For the five investigations that were sparked by nationally visible incidents of deadly use of force- Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, Ferguson and Riverside- investigations cause statistically significant increases in both homicide and total crime.

The authors contend that these sensational investigations undermined the authority of police departments, and as a result de-policing led to increases in crime. Read more…

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