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‘The Secret Weapon’: GOP Makes Voter Registration Gains In Key States

The Grind:
Voter registration gains in the critical states of Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania are boosting Republican officials’ optimism for the upcoming presidential election.

“Updated voter registration tallies show that Republicans have narrowed the gap with Democrats in three critical states,” The New York Times reported Monday.

The Details:
Dee Stewart, a Republican political consultant in North Carolina, told the Times the uptick in GOP registrations is the “secret weapon” that could tip the election in President Donald Trump’s favor.

“The tremendous voter registration gain by the Republicans is the secret weapon that will make the difference for the Republicans in 2020,” Stewart said.

In Florida, carrying a hefty 29 elector votes, “Republicans say the increase in registered voters there has the potential to give the president an edge,” the Times reported. “In data released last week by the Florida secretary of state’s office, Republicans had narrowed the registration chasm with Democrats to 134,000 out of 14.4 million voters – fewer than 1 percent. In 2016, when Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, lost the state to Mr. Trump, Democrats held a 330,000-voter advantage.” Read more…

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